Football Scoreboard Software
for Stadium Led Displays

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Easy Management

With a single form, you can manage your competition on the led display.

Events & Statistics

You can enter the events of the game and show them on the led screen.

Players and Photos

You can easily save players, and photos, you can easily be ready for the next game with drag and drop, you can save clubs with the pictures you want, you can easily load the team from the team database.

Infographic is Easy

You can show the animated events on the led screen with a single click. You can show the event infographic during the game and easily return it to the scoreboard.

Advanced Media Capabilities

Play videos or create auto playlists anytime, easily get back to the game scoreboard where you left off.

Capture Video for BroadCast

You can show the video in the area you selected on the computer screen on the scoreboard.

Edit Scoreboard Objects

You can format text and image objects on the scoreboard.

Language Support

Central and Eastern Europe, Turkish, ربي ,中国人 ,עברית ,ελλάδα,Кириллица and more charset support. You can Select/Edit your language and words.

Download soccerboard