Football Scoreboard Software
for Stadium Led Displays

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1.Download Demo

Download, install and use the software

The demo includes all the capabilities of the software, demo has only simple visual restrictions. You can test for all your expectations.

If you are interested in more, please contact us (English). We will answer you absolutely e-mail, WhatsApp or phone.

Details such as Bank account information, invoice progress, the terms of support will be sent to you.

Download soccerboard


After testing that the application meets your needs. If you make a purchase decision. You will need to payment.You can use Western Union or bank IBAN Swift transaction for payment.

Max Output Resolution
400px 500 USD*
1024px 1000 USD
1600px 1500 USD
1920px 2000 USD

Perpetual License with 2 years support. No annual payment, no maintenance payment.

You will receive 1 PC License Key and 1 USB Dongle
* Only PC License Key

3.Send Your PC Device ID

Send us your bank payment copy or WU MTCN number with your PC Device ID and your perpetual license key will be sent within two hours.
You will end the restrictions by entering the license number this your installed demo.

License Features

The perpetual PC license key depends on your computer's internal serial number and hard drive serial number. If one of them is changed, your license will be invalid.
But you can format your computer and install a clean Windows OS.

USB Dongle can be used for any computer. USB Dongle will not be shipped. Your simple USB Flash Disk will be converted to USB Dongle with a utility.

If you have both a PC License Key and a USB Dongle Only PC License Key enough. You don't need to plug-in USB Dongle. You can use the USB Dongle for another computer or keep it as a backup.

We can help you with license loss, but this help is at our discretion.

System Requirements

Operating System*Windows 7Windows 10
Web Browser*Internet Explorer 9Internet Explorer 11
Media Player*Windows Media Player 9Windows Media Player 12
Processor2Ghz Dual-CoreIntel Core i7-5650U 2.0Ghz
Memory2GB DDR38GB DDR4
Hard Drive250 GB 7200 HDD128GB SSD
Graphics CardDirectX 10.1Dedicated Nvidia 1GB
Screen Resolution1280x7201920x1080
* Must be installed on your PC.
Download soccerboard