Professional Led Display Football Scoreboard Software

Contact us for questions and purchases

1 - Download and Use the Demo

Download, install and use the software

Please contact us if there is a problem in installation or use

Features you can't find in demo, language selection etc.

If you are interested in more, please contact us (English). We will answer you absolutely e-mail, WhatsApp or phone.

2 - Purchase decision

After testing that the application meets your needs. If you make a purchase decision. You will need to pay.

Display Size Price USD
0px 400px $500 - PC Licence
401px 1024px $1000 - USB Dongle + PC Licence
1025px 1600px $1500 - USB Dongle + PC Licence
1601px 1920px $2000 - USB Dongle + PC Licence

But you can get discounts for amateur clubs on big displays

You can use Western Union or bank IBAN Swift transaction to payment.

4 - Permanent Licence

When you send payment bank copy or WU MTCN number to me i will send your permanent license number

You will end the restrictions by entering the licence number this your installed private demo

Licence Validation

1 USB Dongle and 1 PC License Key are provided with each purchase

PC licence depends on your computer's internal serial number and hard drive serial number. If one of them is changed your licence will be invalid.

USB Dongle can be used for any computer, PC License Key is permanent unless there is a physical failure. You can install new windows OS.