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For Professionals

Football Scoreboard Software for Stadium Led Displays

football scoreboard software for stadiums

3 Layer Architect

Take advantage of the visual power of the animated video layer that is provided by the 3-Layer architecture. Also, the video background library is ready.

Advanced Info Displays

Ready screens for home and visitor player list, player changes, yellow and red cards, goals, referees, game information.

How to Buy

Lifetime License Only one payment; no maintenance fees or annual payments. Contact us for questions and purchases. arslan.ziya@gmail.com

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Advanced Media Capabilities

You can create an ad playlist of videos and pictures and play them during the game.

FIFA/UEFA Experience

Soccerboard have been used in many UEFA Europa League and FIFA World Cup qualification matches. Suitable for FIFA/UEFA rules and standards.

Language Support

Central and Eastern Europe, Turkish, ربي ,中国人 ,עברית ,ελλάδα,Кириллица and more charset support.

Split Display Fields

Split fields for advertising and live streaming that are ready and configurable.

Video Mixer Support

Chroma Key support for video mixers. Live camera/broadcast displaying using obs/vmix.

Mobile Control and APIs

Remote Control for iPhone, Android, etc. and support requests APIs for 3rd party software. Completely free.

The selection of 100+ football clubs

The world's best football scoreboard software is used in the top leagues and stadiums of England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkiye, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary and 30+ other countries.

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