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How to Buy

01 Download Demo

Download, install, and use the software.
All the capabilities of the software are included in the demo, but it only has simple visual restrictions. You can test for all your requirements.
If you are interested in more, please contact us in English. We will answer you absolutely via email, WhatsApp, or phone.


Details such as bank account information, invoice progress, and the terms of support will be sent to you.

02 Price List

After testing, if you find that the soccerboard © meets your requirements and if you make a purchase decision, you will need to make a payment. You can use Western Union, bank transfer (IBAN Swift), or credit card for payment.

Lifetime license with 2 year support. No annual payment, no maintenance payment.

Scoreboard Software  price starting at  $ 500  and that's usually enough.

Max Output [Football]Price

*800px  500 USD
1366px 1000 USD
1920px 1500 USD
3840px 2000 USD

Max Output [**Other Sports]

1920px 500 USD
3840px 1000 USD

* Only PC License Key
** One license valid for all sports.
What is Max Oputput
e.g. - The 800px License allows a maximum pixel resolution of 800Wx800H. (The height and/or width can be up to 800px)
800px license Supports; 8m P10 or 6.4m P8 or 4.8m P6 or 4m P5 led screen size.
Note : You will receive 1 PC License Key and 1 USB Dongle.
You will don't need both of them; you can use your USB license on another computer or keep it as a backup.
For customization and wholesale purchases, please inquire.

03 Send Your Device ID

Send us your bank payment copy or WU MTCN number with your PC Device ID and/or USD Dongle ID (via email or WhatsApp), and your perpetual license key will be sent within two hours.

You will end the restrictions by entering the license.

04 Basic License Features

The perpetual PC license key depends on your computer's internal serial number and hard drive serial number. If any of them are changed, your license will be invalid.

But you can format your computer and install a clean Windows OS.

USB dongle can be used on any computer. The USB dongle won't be shipped to you, but Soccerboard Dongle Creator Software will turn your USB flash disk into a dongle.

If you have a PC License Key and a USB dongle, just use the PC License Key. You don't need to plug in the USB Dongle. You can use the USB dongle on another computer or keep it as a backup.

If you need higher resolution than the one you purchased, don't worry. You can obtain the license you want by paying the difference in price between the licenses.

If your license is lost, we will provide free new license, but it's at our discretion.